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We Are

We are End of Time, we are acoustic and electronic musicians, composers and sound designers who are different in expression but unified in consciousness. We believe that with this new music we can change the people who listen to it and thus change the world. It is time that we connect with our true self again.

End of Time is the Amsterdam based quartet of Trippin Jaguar, Anthoni Logos, Shift Meditation & Stefan Liem.

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Stacey Griffin

A Canadian Amsterdammer and founder of Shift Meditation, where she creates immersive sound healing and meditation experiences. Stacey brings her sound therapy skills and experience creating innovative experiential concepts.


Anthoni Logos

Real name Daniel Schotsborg, is an Amsterdam based producer and live act. He is the crazy scientist of the trio, who delves into mystical mathematics, old books and weird technology to find out the best possible frequencies that take you to the highest dimensions.

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Trippin jaguar

Trippin Jaguar explores dualities: biological and technological, spiritual and scientific, modern and ancient. Translating stories from behind the facade of words and sentences into auditory anecdotes, built of cosmic synths, contemporary beats and kaleidoscopic sounds.

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stefan liem

Our sound architect making sure that wherever we perform, the multi-dimensional sound is truly multi-dimensional. With a background in architecture and sound engineering he is the perfect ‘swiss-army-knife’ to make sure the experience comes across as intended.